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Money and Financial consultancy

This service is a very good means of finding out many financial patterns which are not visible to outsides and sometimes even to yourself.

Their are two packages for this services:

1.  Financial Status Report

2. Customized Financial Consultancy

Financial Status Report

Financial status report contains some of the key areas like.

  1. Most suitable ways to earn money. (Business / Job etc)
  2. Areas in which success is possible.
  3. Investments : Whether favorable / unfavorable
  4. Any bad combination holding back monetary success.
  5. Positive and Negative Period in the coming times.

You can order your report too !

Financial status Report 1 Year Order $ 15.00/ Rs. 600/-
Financial status Report 2 Years Order $ 20.00/ Rs. 800/-
Financial status Report 3 Years Order $ 25.00/ Rs. 1000/-
Financial status Report 5 Years Order $ 30.00/ Rs. 1200/-
Financial status Report 10 Years Order $ 50.00/ Rs. 2000/-


Any specific questions about matters relating to money and finance.

Any possible question can be asked so that correct advice can be given.

USUALLY the following areas of question is generally put forward :

    1. What would be the best areas of investment?
    2. CHANGES IN INVESTMENT- When should more money be invested/ disinvested so as to make maximum gains? 
    3. BUSINESS- Is it the right time to start a new business ? Should I work with a partner? Should I increase / decrease my investments?
    4. LOSSES / LOANS -- When is the right time to recover / repay the losses / loans. Will it be possible
    5. WHEN IS MY PERIOD OF HIGH / HIGHEST GROWTH ? These are some of the indicative questions which are usually asked and answered. Of course any question regarding money and finance can be asked including queries about investment in the stock market & whether it is the time to increase your investment or liquidate the same.
    6. Besides any other aspect you need to be clarified.

You can ask up to 3 questions


Consultation Order $ 15.00 / Rs.600.00



Business and enterprises run on the ideas and efforts of visionary people. The talent in a person some times is the only limitation that holds him down.

Usually when people come together to work on a project or business, it involves working of their common fortunes. With the help of this analytical report we help you find out:

  1. The overall compatibility
  2. Whether similar luck pattern would operate in the future to ensure that you would be working together on a long term basis.
  3. Whether partnership business suits both or all partners at the same time.
  4. Temperament compatibility to each other.
  5. Instincts and reactions to various situations to ensure comfort level in the business.
  6. An analysis of personalities to decide which person should hold the stable parts and which person is good for promotional & interactive part of the business.
  7. Whether partnership business suits both the person.
Partnership Analysis Order $ 30.00 / Rs. 1200/-
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