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Love and romance is what covers more than any other other topic in the history of this world. A Famous saying goes that key to a success is marrying right. We have the system that has the most sophisticated & amazing system of analyzing the matching based on 10 criteria like :thinking, personalities, sexual level etc ( More described below ).

We offer a:

1. Love compatibility report

2. One on one customized consultation on various issues

3. Relationship Analysis Report




On a 10 point scale:

(a) Mental (thinking & intellectual) Compatibility.

(b) Physical compatibility in term of sexual compatibility.

(c) Wealth & luck generated due to the match.

(d) Longevity of attraction between the couple.

(e) Longevity of life of each spouse

(f) Growth of family / Children etc.

All these factors combine and their arithmetic mean is taken. If a couple scores less than 5 then the match should be rejected .

If the score is between 5 - 7.5, then the match is acceptable (average).

If the score is between 7.6 - 9 then the match is very good (above average).

If the score is above 9 then technically the match is excellent but a lot of other factors have to check since both persons will be of same nature and that is not conducive to long-term relationship.

Love/ Marriage Compatibility Report
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    There are usually Three questions about Love / Marriage.

    (1) -Are we compatible ? Should we get married? Is he / she the right person ?

    (2) -When will I find my love of life ?
          -When will I get married ?

    (3) Description-Will my spouse be beautiful, rich, capable or not?

    Besides any other questions too can be put forward on this topic like delayed marriage, second marriage, divorce etc.  

    Love/Marriage Consultation Order US$15 / Rs.600



    This report covers all the aspects of the love compatibility report like:

    1. Mental (thinking & intellectual) Compatibility.
    2. Physical compatibility in term of sexual compatibility.
    3. Wealth & luck generated due to the match.
    4. Longevity of attraction between the couple.
    5. Longevity of life of each spouse - By checking the chart for Mangal Dosha.
    6. Growth of family and name by virtue of being together
    7. Happiness with regard to children
    8. Match of personalities as in the love compatibility report in a more detailed manner. Besides the following additional areas are covered like:
    9. harmony in thinking pattern.
    10. ease in relationship.( vibes )
    11. special afflictions or unfortunate combinations (proving harmful to spouse)
    12. pulsar energy & ego development of partner (in relation to each other)
    13. Our experts suggestion and advice on how to cover the deficient areas in your life in case where the match is acceptable but still has certain flaws which need to be worked upon to make a smooth working of the family life possible.
    Relation Analysis Report Order US$20  / Rs.750



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