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Welcome to Frequently asked questions related to divine solutions

FAQs over here are in two sets of questions that is:

1. FAQs related to Services

2. Sample questions asked

Faqs related to service


Question 1. Can this divine solution provide solution to all the problems?

Answer1. Divine solution knows about every problem as well its solution as the divine instrument connects from your energy body which knows everything.

Question 2. Is it required to have face to face interaction for asking questions?

Answer 2. Divine instrument connects even in the absence of the concerned person. It only needs your identity and rest it manages itself.

Question 3.  If I need to have healing session then my personal presence is required for the same?

Answer 3. Distance healing session can be done and it does not require physical presence in front of the healer. Only distinct identity is enough.

Question 4. What is this energy body?

Answer 4. Our physical body is surrounded by energy body which is more smarter than our physical body.

sample questions asked


Question S 1. I am suffering from lot of problems. In how much time these problems would be resolved?

Question S 2. My promotion is overdue and nothing is happening. In how many months from now I will get promotion?

Question S 3. I am trying to get married but nothing is happening. In how many months from now I am likely to get married?

Question S 4. Is this person the right one to get married with?

Question S 5. Should I continue in the current job or should I leave this organization?

Question S 6. Is this country the right country for me to work?

Question S 7. Should I do job or own business?

Question S 8. When my daughter is likely to get married?

Question S 9. In how many months my son is likely to get married? When is the right time to do so.

Question S 10. I am sick and no one is able to diagnose the disease. Please diagnose the disease.

These are only sample questions. You can ask any questions but do refer to Guidelines for framing questions.

We have not answered these questions over here because answers are person specific.

Moreover disclosing personal information of any sort about our customers without seeking thier prior permission is against our Privacy Policy.

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